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Life Line Ambulance

INFOGLOBAL is currently planning a separate workshop for ambulance manufacturing, which we hope will be opened early next year. INFOGLOBAL will construct the trailer type ambulances by itself and we will buy bicycles from local market or use second hand motorcycles, do complete overhauling and will deliver the ambulances to chosen villages and health care centers. Donors will be able to contribute to each ambulance, so that INFOGLOBAL can be build for them at affordable price. The bicycle ambulance is the perfect option for rural areas where mortality rates are very high. It is relatively cheap, easy to handle and it can be driven on muddy paths, where often motorized vehicles get stuck. It enables the health care center to operate in a larger area. Where normal ambulance cannot operate.


This is developed using indigenous materials and easily serviceable locally. The price is cheaper and can be utilized to cater to emergency medical needs in remote village areas and public health centers. Bicycle ambulance can be a useful mode of transport in places where motorized ambulances are too expensive or not available with a fleet of covered rickshaw-type ambulances.



  • 69.9cc, Single cylinder, two stroke engine.
  • 5.00Nm (0.5 kgf-m or 3.7 ft.lbs)@ 3750 RPM torque.
  • Air cooling system.
  • Fly wheel magnesia 12V x50W electronic ignition.
  • 1.00 liters reserve fuel capacity.
  • 1222mm wheel base.
  • Single speed gear box, roller chain secondary drive.
  • Carburetor fuel system.
  • Centrifugal wire type clutch.
  • 3 liters fuel tank capacity.
  • 3.50 HP@5000 RPM power.



  • Engine type: single cylinder, natural aspirated air cooled.
  • Displacement: 436cc.
  • Max power: 7.4HP@3600rpm.
  • Max torque: 18 Nm@2200-2400rpm.
  • Clutch type: Multi disc, wet type.
  • Gear box type: Constant mesh (4 forward and 1 reverse).
  • Suspension: Front- helical spring with hydraulic telescopic shock absorber, Rear- rubber compression spring with hydraulic telescopic shock absorber.
  • Brakes: Drum brakes hydraulically actuated internal expanding shoe type.
  • Steering: Handle bar type.
  • Tire size: 4.50-10, 8PR (Cross ply with tube).
  • System voltage: 12V (DC).
  • Battery rating: 50AH.
  • Fuel tank: 10.5 Liters.
  • Cabin space: 1660mmx1400mm.


We’ve seen before how bicycle ambulances can be a useful mode of transport in places where motorized ambulances are too expensive or not available with a fleet of covered rickshaw-type bikes. The bikes, created by fill in for the lack of cars and trucks, and are particularly useful for women needing to rush to the hospital to give birth. The idea is to give health centers bicycle ambulances to make them more efficient, each ambulance has a mobile phone, so people in the villages can call (if they need help)..


  • Oxygen cylinder
  • BP Apparatus
  • Glucometer
  • Saline Apparatus
  • Emergency mobile
  • Stretcher

Design & Manufactured by INFOGLOBAL